Resources Library

Welcome to the HeartsongHEALTH classroom! Here you will find blog articles, purchase links for props and supplies, community referrals, and suggested resources for further exploration.



Here you will find original content from Dr. Suzie and Dr. David, on all manner of health topics, including Dr. Suzie’s personal health journey. For prospective patients, we encourage you to explore our articles to help you get a sense of our treatment philosophy and knowledge-base, so that you can decide if we are the right fit for you! For current patients, please use this blog as an addendum to and review of our in-office discussions.


Product links & Referral Network

Sometimes we recommend a prop for rehab exercises or a grocery item that is convenient to order online. Here you will find our most commonly recommended products, as well as the Heartsong community referral network.



Here you will find both original content and links to health-related videos recommended by Dr. Suzie and Dr. David. We frequently recommend rehab exercises to complement your treatment plan, and many of those exercises can be found here.


Further Reading

Dr. Suzie and Dr. David each have a deep curiosity and love of learning, and find that knowledge can be a profound healing and motivational tool. We strive to give you comprehensive explanations during your office visit, but we encourage you to continue learning on your own and empower yourself with knowledge! Here you will find our favorite books and online content on the topics of health and wellness.